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Ensure you are connected to WiFi ssid vunet. No other ssid will work without first connecting to Pulse, Vanderbilt's VPN.

Old Server:
If eai35-pharos apprears in the error you receive, please remove that version of the vuPrint-anywhere printer and install the latest one listed on our site.
Click here for the latest drivers.

Anti-virus and Firewall:
A third party antivirus or firewall might be blocking your ability to send a print job. You should see two pop-up windows appear each time you print a document.

  1. Enter your vunetid and password (you computer communicating to the system using port 28203)
    1. If you incorrectly enter your password meaning you mistype it, the next popup will not appear. Please ensure you type your password slow and intentionally.
  2. The system prompts you to accept the charges for printing the document (the system communicating to your computer on port 28201)

If you do not see pop-up two, then your computer is blocking communication on port 28201. If you are unable to see this last pop-up and click yes, then the system will never receive your document you want to print.

The vuPrint driver communicates with your computer on port 28201. Your computer communicates with the printing system using port 28203. You either need to disable your firewall or anti-virus or search for a way to allow communication on ports 28201 and 28203.

Windows machines, add an exception for “Pharos Comm Task Master”. For Mac’s, add an exception for “”.

You are likely sending your document (typically a PDF) via email or uploading via the Print Center site. Many different programs can create a PDF, and they each build them with different properties (sometimes the contents are not flattened). When you use email or Print Center, the printing system has to render your document which sometimes it does not know how to render it.

We recommend you use the print drivers you can install on your computer to send documents to the printing system. Part of the reason is the driver renders the document and sends it to the print system.

Think of emailing your document like someone handing you a piece of paper with a problem for you to solve the problem and make a copy. You may know how to solve it, or you might not know [the only two options]. Using the print driver(s) is like someone handing you a piece of paper with a problem already solved and requesting you just copy what is on the paper.

If nothing printed, please logout and log back in to see if your document appears with [Free Print]. If this is the case, you may print your document at another printer for free since that printer has an undetermined issue at that moment.

If you emailed your document, the reason why it did not print is because the system was not able to render the document. This tends to occur with PDFs provided by professors. We recommend students use the vuPrint drivers which render the documents on your computer so the system does not have to do it. Please see the link below.

Refunds will only be given for pages that did not print correctly due to toner or printer issues. However, library and lab staff will reprint your job in most cases if you advise them promptly of the issue.

Refunds are not given for pages printed in error or for prints that do not fit correctly on the page. Please contact the library or lab front desk where you are printing if you need assistance.

Email and detail the issue. Please list the printer, date, time, and cost of the transaction.

An internal server error occurred. Your method of logging on was denied. Please try another method of logging on.

This error tends indicative of two issues: you either do not have a commodore cash account (or the one you have might have been expired); you added the digital card to your phone today.

Commodore Cash:

  1. Please open the GET app and check to see if you have a commdore cash account.
  2. If you do not, please email requesting it be added.

Digital Card:

  1. If you added the digital card to your phone today, you will have to wait til tomorrow for it to work. The system updates over night (approx 2:15 AM)

If you see this message, the system still thinks you are logged into the device listed even if you are not. All that needs to be done is to locate and reboot the copier listed on the screen. If you cannot, please email and attach a picture of this message on the copier screen.

You must use your Vanderbilt email when you email documents as attachments to The system has your Vanderbilt email address associated with your account, and can only associate a document to your account from that address.

Emails from any domain other than are deleted.

If you are sure you used your Vanderbilt email address, ensure you are not using an alias. Sometimes the email system flags an email as suspicious and is quarantined until someone logs into to the email account to release the emails.

First check to ensure you used your Vanderbilt email address.

Sometimes the system stops processing documents. Please email if your document was indeed sent using your Vanderbilt email address and still does not appear.


  1. Open Control Panel
  2. View by 
    1. Category: Locate Programs; click Uninstall a program
    2. Icons:click Programs and Features
  3. Locate and select Pharos in the list of programs
  4. Click Uninstall/Change
  5. Select Run Uninstaller and click Next
  6. Check Pharos Popups and click Next
  7. Click Next


  1. Open Finder window and select Macintosh HD on your primary hard drive.
  2. Then select Library > Application Support > Pharos > Utilities.
  3. Double click the Uninstaller application and check the box next to Pharos Popup. Click Continue.
  4. Click Continue again and enter the administrator Name and Password if necessary.
  5. Following the uninstallation, click Done.
  6. The Pharos Popup should now be uninstalled and vuPrint printer should be removed.

Password protected documents cannot be printed using Mobile Print nor Print Center. One must use a print driver from the print driver page.

You must open the password protected document and enter the password that allows you to print the document. Documents can be setup with a view only password and a separate password that allows one to view and print the document. If the print option is greyed out, you do not have the password that allows you to print that document.


If you are experiencing issues printing, please click on the image where the issue is occurring.