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Where Can I Print Using vuPrint?

Virtually all printers at libraries, dorms, residential colleges, and certain common areas support vuPrint. In addition, vuPrint can be used from any Windows or Apple computer once the available free software is installed.

Map Legend: Black & White Printer Color Copier


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vuPrint Locations

Alumni Hall (B&W)

Commons Lobby (B&W)

ESB Wond'ry (B&W)

Featheringill - 2nd floor near the elevators (B&W)

Rand Lounge (next to the Rand Copy Center) [Color capable]

Rec Center (B&W)

Sarratt Student Center (bottom floor) (B&W)

Blair/Music Library

  • 079VCP


  • 4th floor - 054VCP + 061VCP
  • 5th floor - 533VCP
  • 6th floor - 055VCP + 065VCP + 614VCP
  • 7th floor - 534VCP
  • 8th floor - 044VCP + 059VCP + 060VCP


  • 062VCP + 063VCP


  • 1st floor - 416VCP + 418VCP
  • 2nd floor - 419VCP
  • 3rd floor - 391VCP


  • 080VCP


  • Basement - 081VCP
  • 1st floor - 082VCP
  • 2nd floor - 083VCP + 084VCP
  • 3rd floor - 085VCP

Science & Engineering: 

  • 068VCP + 069VCP + 070VCP

Blakemore (front desk)
Branscomb Quad (lobby)
Cole  Hall
College Halls at Kissam (front desk)
Crawford Hall
East Hall
E. Bronson Ingram (EBI) (front desk)
Gillette Hall
Hank Ingram Hall
Lewis Hall
McGill Hall
McTyeire Hall
Memorial Hall
Murray Hall
North Hall
Rothschild (main lobby)
Stambaugh Hall
Sutherland Hall
Tolman Hall
West Hall
Zeppos (front desk)


How can I add a print driver to print with my personal computer?

There are certain schools and labs on campus where print usage is controlled by workstation login to restrict access only to students in that unit. These labs may not use vuPrint. In many of those locations, printing does not confer an explicit charge to the student when printing there.

Public workstations are typically “anonymous” access where the user does not need to login to use the computer. On these workstations, vuPrint will require the user to type in a username and password to authorize a print job.