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vuPrint and your Commodore Cash accounts are linked together to allow printing costs to be deducted from your Commodore Cash funds or from your school’s printing plan. To add more funds to your Commodore Cash account, you may do so here.

You may print using public workstations in participating libraries, labs and common areas or you may print from your own computer.

The vuPrint programs is setup so once a document is sent to our campus queue. It will remain there until you login to a printer or copier and press the "print" button. Your document will begin printing.

If you have not printed your document 24 hours after sending it to our system it will disappear, and you will need to send it again.


When you print a job, vuPrint will display the number of pages, the job cost, and your Commodore Cash balance before you authorize it to print. If the Commodore Cash balance is not sufficient to pay the cost, you may cancel the job. Please note NONE of the job will be printed, and no money will be deducted from your account when you cancel a job. You then have the option to break the print job into smaller units to print what your account can cover or you may add funds to your Commodore Cash account before resubmitting the print job.

All active students and employees have a Commodore Cash debit spending account in which to pay for VUprint jobs.


Students may add funds online by charging it to their student account (the Bill Me option in GET). Students may also add funds to their Commodore Cash account by check at the Commodore Card Office located in 184 Sarratt Center. 


Employees may add cash to their Commodore Cash online using a credit card.

If you do not possess a VUnetID and have permission to print at Vanderbilt, you may purchase a vuPrint Visitor Card at the Value Port kiosks in the Central, Law, Medical and Music Libraries. The vuPrint Visitor Cards cost $1 to purchase and have no value. You must add funds to the card by swiping at the kiosk and inserting the desired amount of cash. Unused funds will be removed after 2 years of inactivity.

Funds on the card are not refundable.

The print drivers are not supported for Linux nor Chrome. Linux or Chrome users need to utilize the Print Center or Mobile Print options.

If you are seeking to have posters, fliers, handouts, thesis or dissertations, or other special printing needs, you should contact printing services.