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Mobile Print App

Introducing the Print Center & Touchless Printing

Print Center is a new website and app you may use to upload documents, view your print history, and utilize touchless printing. You may also email print jobs as attachments using your Vanderbilt email address.

Download the App or Visit the Website

Server Address:

Server Port: 443

Description PDF Instructions                             Video                            App Config
Download and Configure the app for iOS & Android Server Address:

Port: 443

Uploading Documents from Google Docs
App Functions: Print Job Options Deleting a doc Refreshing app
Description PDF Instructions Video
How to use the website Please see the videos below for instructions for sections of this PDF
Uploading Documents  
Print Job Options  

Email your documents as attachments from any device then print them out on any VUprint-Anywhere Release Station. No need to download and install driver packages.

  1. Email your document as an attachment to: This email can be sent from any device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet) but MUST be sent from your Vanderbilt Email Account.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email when your documents are ready to print.
    • ​​If you do not receive a confirmation email in 5 minutes or less, please contact the Card Office @
      615-322-2273 or
  3. Proceed to a VUPrint Release Station to print your documents. The body of your email AND the attachment will be available for printing. Jobs will autodelete after 12 hours.

Supported Document Types



PDF .pdf
Microsoft Word .doc .dot .docx .rtf
Microsoft Excel .xls .xlt .xlsx .xltx .xltm .xlsm .csv
Microsoft Powerpoint .ppt .pptx .pptm .pot .pps .potx .ppsx
Microsoft Publisher .pub
Microsoft Visio .vsd .vssj .vst .vdx .vsx .vtx .vdw
Image Files .jpg .jpeg .png .bmp
Email Messages .eml .txt .mht
OpenOffice Documents .odt .ods .odp


​Fine Print:
$.06 per page. Color Printing and processing of .HTML files are not supported at this time. Limit 10 attachments per email. Attachment size is limited to 20MB. The use of vuPrint Guest Cards is prohibited for MobilePrint.

Using either of these options will cause the print job to print within a few seconds. Please use these options if you are standing in front of the selected printer/copier.

Description Instructions  

Print Center site/app

Touchless Printing Option 1:

  1. Select the documents you wish to print,
  2. Choose the destination printer name (see the vuPrint label on the printer for the Touchless Printing ID),
  3. Click/Tap Print

Print Center app only

Touchless Printing Option 2:

  1. Open the Pharos Print app
  2.  Tap the  (top right corner)
  3. Scan the QR code (black & white) on the vuPrint label on the printer/copier

The cost of a print job is based on where the document is actually printed. The app and website do not know where the print job will be printed, so the pricing may not reflect properly on the website nor app. Learn about pricing to print documents.